2013, Islay, SMWS, whiskyresa

SMWS 29.121 “Seafood party on the beach”

bdw5Region: Islay
Laphroaig 20 (refill sherry butt.)
Styrka: 55,1 %
Pris: 744 kr

Event: whiskyresa-1 Värd: AWC/TPWC

Provdatum: 130427
Bidragare: Bergslagens Destilleri

Medelpoäng: 17,75 av 20,00 p Se skala

17,50 18,00


Våra samlade omdömen/kommentarer:

NOTERING: Söt, tobak, sälta, tånginslag, hav, bacon

Official notes: “The initial nose gave coal sacks, beach barbecue wood smoke, ash, Germolene, raisins, toffee and toasted nuts – before turning Oriental (curry plant leaves, lemongrass, coconut, cinnamon). The beach factor increased with water – freshly painted boats, beach huts, rock-pools, shells, dunes, seared scallops and smoked bacon in mussel chowder. The palate was very sweet – coconut, candy, sweet tobacco and langoustines, balanced nicely by cigars and smoke from a driftwood fire. The reduced palate was softer – now a rich, creamy, texture with savoury flavours of lobster and brown bread with moules marinières. The distillery was established in 1815 by the Johnston brothers’.